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    Pet Memorial Candles and Other Fun Products for Pet Lovers

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    At Penny & Twitch our goal is simple; bringing unique and meaningful pet products with purpose into your home. In addition to being animal lovers, we also believe in the power of community, which involves giving back. That's why 10% of the purchase price of every item sold is donated to organizations that help animals in need, like the Humane Society. The more you buy, the more we give back!

    How does Penny & Twitch work? As a "boutique" retailer, Penny & Twitch feature a limited number of items, all of which we design and create ourselves. Each one is featured for a reason and we'll be sure to tell you why we created each product in the product's description or in our blog (everyone loves a good story). When we create a new Penny & Twitch branded product, previous products are moved into our general collection (which always features several different things for you to choose from). Whether you buy one of our new featured products, or buy from the Penny & Twitch general collection, you can rest assured that we're giving back. Want to see who we are working to help? Please see our Partners Page for a list of organizations we give back to and a running total that reflects our contributions to date.

    NOTE: Our Memorial Candles for Dogs, Cats & Other Pets have been such a successful signature product we are behind in developing others. We're working on new options for the candles and new products now, so stay tuned!

    Your purchases make you a valuable part of the Penny & Twitch Community, which strives to make a difference in the lives of animals; we're driven by our motto of "Pets! Products! Purpose!"

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